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Tel:  (917) 426-1591

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Life Coaching and Energy Healing for mind-body-soul integration

Curious Glow Healing Practice is based on an integration of holistic healing modalities and techniques uniting eastern spiritual philosophy with western psychology. While each session is always unique, the framework that exists throughout includes: a focus on how daily issues map onto your larger life story, an understanding of the ways your thoughts, emotions, and body sensations interact, and a calling towards mindfulness and deepened awareness. I am a thought partner and an intuitive connector, helping guide you towards your higher self and creative consciousness.

Curious Glow Healing practice offers in energy healing and life coaching sessions, as well as workshop facilitation.




"She has a rare magic about her that is hard to put into words. She radiates joy and her presence alone is deeply healing. After each session I feel extremely nourished and alive." - Andrew, 35


"I always have at least one "Aha!" moment during or after our sessions...she manages to get the client to a place of profound learning and revelation -- about self, life, and how to move forward and make progress." - Jennifer, 50

"Olivia has helped me explore questions and hopes that I did not even realize I had been ignoring." - Laura, 29


All energy healing and life coaching sessions are focused on: increasing your conscious awareness, helping release blocks and regain flow and equilibrium in your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies, and teaching you tools you can use post-session to continue your growth via self-healing. All sessions serve as a calling towards mindfulness and deepened awareness, and a connection to your higher self and creative consciousness.

Three session types are offered:


1. Energy Healing - Reiki, chakra balancing, & other energy work

2. Life Coaching - Verbal dialogue focused on mind-body-soul integration

3. Holistic Healing - A mix of energy medicine and life coaching


Curious Glow Healing Practice also includes classes, workshops, and third-party workshop facilitation, covering a range of themes related to mindfulness, mind-body-soul alignment, energy work, and psychology.


Classes & Workshops currently being offered include:

1. Reiki 1 - Training & Attunement

2. Intro Energy Workshop - Meditation, Qigong, & the Chakras

3. Mindfulness Meditation Training for Business Teams