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Olivia Frazao is a trained energy healer and certified life coach. Her trainings and work incorporate a mix of Eastern and Western spirituality and psychology. The range of lineages, modalities, and techniques she has brought together allow for truly holistic care, and also provides clients the opportunity to chose the session type that they best prefer. 
Psychology Background
Psychology Training:
  • She is trained and certified in life coaching via the Co-Active Coaching model from the Coaches Training Institute, the leading coaching school globally.
  • She is currently getting her Masters in Clinical Psychology at the Spirituality Mind Body Institute at Columbia University, studying trauma and resilience, mindfulness education, spiritual psychology, and spiritual healing.
  • She studies psychology and somatics via Luminous Awareness Institute, which draws upon Pathwork, Somatic Experiencing, neuroscience, and trauma-informed care. 
  • She is trained in Non-Violent Communication with NYCNVC.
  • 1-2 Day Workshop trainings include:
    • The Essence of Buddhist Psychology – Jack Kornfield
    • Trauma Informed Care - The Door
    • Trauma-Informed Yoga Training - ​Liberation Prison Yoga
Olivia's work is inspired by the following influences in the world of Western psychology:
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - spiral of effect between thoughts, emotions, and actions
  • Jungian Psychoanalysis - archetypes and the collective consciousness
  • Transpersonal Psychology - expanded space-time context
  • Characterology therapies - stress responses, extraordinary abilities, and their connection to the chakras
  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy - the intersubjective field 
Energy Healing Background
Eastern Methodologies Training:  
  • Olivia is a Reiki 3 Reiki Master trained under Joanna Crespo Reiki Rhapsody at the NY Open Center.
  • She is trained in Luminous energy healing via the Luminous Awareness Institute in the Bay Area, integrating buddhist philosophy, an understanding of the chakras and human energy field, qigong, and a non-dual, integral, integrated spirituality in action.
  • She is trained in mindfulness meditation, insight meditation, and cultivation meditation under John Churchill's Embodying the Open Ground program. 
  • She is training in family constellation therapy and spiritual healing with Ron Young's Healing Wisdom.
  • She studied chakra meditations via Alchemy of the Chakras at NY Open Center with Thomas Amelio.
  • 1-2 Day Workshop trainings include:
    • Polarity Therapy - Gary Strauss's Life Energy Institute
    • Barbara Brennan Technique Intro
Facilitation, Clinic, Kids, & Other Work
Olivia facilitates a weekly workshop series with Escape the City for mid-career professionals seeking meaning and fulfillment in their careers, helping them connect with their true gifts, voice, and life purpose.
Olivia conducts spiritual healing work for people battling cancer and other serious illnesses at Ron Young's Healing Wisdom Clinic, twice weekly.
Work with children:
  • Student Teacher at P.S. 116 in Performing Arts, for Pre-K to 3rd grade, focus on embodiment, self-trust, and imagination
  • Training under Linda Lantieri's Social and Emotional Learning curricula as well as Inner Resilience mindfulness curriculum 
  • Volunteer work with young children in at-risk family situations at The New York Foundling Crisis Nursery
  • Energy healing and energy play with kids
Olivia is ordained as a minister and is legally certified to officiate weddings in the United States.
She spent 7 years working in startups in NYC, Rio, and San Francisco. Her undergraduate degree is in international relations and economics from Columbia University.

Credentials, Training, & Other Work