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Tel:  (917) 426-1591

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The Session
In this session we either sit together or talk via phone. It's focused on your thoughts and feelings, while we can also notice how they relate to body sensations. Through addressing whatever you're going through in your life, we'll explore how your perspectives and defense patterns for reality are affecting your state of stress or well-being, and explore how your experiences are guiding you towards insight about who you are and the nature of reality.

Life Coaching


If you're interested in learning more about yourself, your thought patterns, how your thoughts and emotions and body sensations connect, how your worldview is affecting your experiences, what your values hold in store for you, what unique gifts you are here to share with the world, how you can better deal with difficult relationships, etc etc etc, that's life coaching with me. And: we WILL talk about existential things - your meta-view of why you're here, what life is about, and what you want to do about the fact that you're alive.


Where we're going with our coaching is to help you experience more: peace, well-being, confidence, alignment with purpose, connection in relationships, understanding about your greater narrative in this life, connection to meaning and depth, and big shifts in perspective.

How is Curious Glow coaching unique?
Life coaching with me is different from life coaching with other people: I don't have cookie-cutter one-size-fits all methods, worksheets with Steps 1,2, and 3 to take - I don't believe in formulas. Instead, we are present and dynamic in the moment, focused on your uniqueness, and looking at your experience holistically.
While I also do career coaching, you can expect that it'll also bring up themes around deeper aspects of self, values, dreams, relationships, needs, boundaries, communication styles, and lots of yummy stuff we end up working on - understanding you are an integrated, whole person, and all parts affect and are affected by each other and the whole.
Coaching vs Therapy

This is a generalized explanation, but mainly: a therapist is trained to seek problems, go into the past and find reasons for them, and then "fix you" so you're not as "messed up" as the diagnosis says. It's built on a hierarchical power dynamic, and a "illness-to-health" trajectory. In comparison, in life coaching the coach focuses on the client's higher self present in the relationship, which means an equal power dynamic focused on partnership towards the client connecting with their best self, strength, and awareness of their power. It's a "living-even-more-fulfilled-and-aligned" trajectory. In our coaching together I can be seen as your thought partner, and as the person who helps you see one step ahead of where you're currently at. Work is focused not on excavating the past, but on paving the way for the best present and future. 


That said, my work does draw upon frameworks you will also encounter in the following types of therapy: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Jungian Psychoanalysis, Transpersonal Psychology, Characterology therapies, and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.

Are we a Good Match?
First: You do NOT have to be spiritual (and most definitely not religious - I'm not) to work with me. You've just got to be curious to look at the big life questions. I'm here to help you understand your own views of reality, not to tell you what to think. For more, make sure to see my Guiding Principles: