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Guiding Principles

On Our Sessions

  • You are the owner of your experience.

  • I’m not here to tell you about yourself or to give you formulas.

  • I’m here to hold structure, to be a mirror, and to invite you into the present.

  • I’m here to trust your own power and knowing, and to invite you to do so too.

  • Take what resonates, leave what doesn't.

  • Everything happens in its divine timing.

On Being and Doing

  • What we are DOING comes from who we are BEING.

  • When we figure out the BEING, a lot of the DOING does itself.

  • Love-action is action (DOING) in alignment with the higher self

       (our greater aspect of BEING).

  • When our DOING is in alignment with our higher self,

       we are living our purpose, we are fulfilled.

  • When our being and doing are aligned, there may be fear, but not doubt.

       There is love, and stamina, and synchronicity are on our side.

  • Focusing on how we are walking our path is more important than setting a goal for the path’s outcome;

       as the way we walk our path will dictate where it goes.


On Love and Fear

  • Beyond the love we know is the love we don't yet know.

  • Fear and judgment arise when there is a lack of understanding.

  • The only thing stronger than fear in any of its expressions is love.

  • Love is always aligned with truth, heart, higher self, and the well-being of all.

  • Love in action does not always look calm, cute, or fluffy.


On Attachment, Aversion, and Allowing

  • When presence becomes unbalanced, it becomes either attachment (grasping) or aversion (avoidance).

  • When we act with fear and doubt, we grasp that which we know, and we avoid the unknown.

       We may do this totally unconsciously, with active force, or somewhere in-between. No matter, we’ll encounter pain.

  • When we act with love and trust, we do not avoid or grasp but instead we allow - and we encounter love.


On Energy, Awareness, and Creativity

  • We are made of energy and awareness.

  • Energy will flow wherever we place our awareness.

  • We will see what we wish to see, and what we allow ourselves to see.

  • When we change our perspective, we change the reality we are in. This is how we shift dimensions. Not by getting into magic spaceships, but by shifting our vantage points. The shift can be huge or minute, but it’s always powerful.

  • We are creative beings beyond measure. Our creative potential is temporarily capped in each moment by what we believe we are capable of.


On Blame, Judgment, and Responsibility

  • Blame and judgment allow us to feel more order and control, and to avoid forgiveness of self or other.

  • They are also ways in which we disempower our own abilities to change our circumstances, as in so doing we now rely on what others will do or what will happen to them, in order for us to be okay. We have tied our fate to others.

  • Some people take the fact that we create what we focus on and distort it into an excuse to blame self or other for hardships that they experienced.

  • Our experiences are co-created, a part of infinite streams and loops of creation, some pleasant, some painful.

  • What we see is never the full story, for there have been forces that came before, and there will be forces that continue after our lifetime’s small part in a particular stream of energy and events. We don't know enough to judge.

  • This does not mean that we do not have responsibility. On the contrary, a thought, a word, or an action will affect our own and others’ experiences, whether in a large way or small way, whether now or later, whether currently perceptible or not. With great power comes great responsibility.

On Suffering and Healing

  • Hard times are moments that challenge us to discover and assert who we truly are in our core essence.

  • Our “Witnessing Self” can witness our “Experiencing Self” with non-judgment, spaciousness, and compassion.

  • We can find resource larger than ourselves to give us the strength we need.

  • Separation causes suffering; integration back into wholeness is healing.

  • Healing involves seeing and loving without resistance.

  • Healing occurs when the hurt parts are seen, loved, and integrated.

  • Healing occurs in the direct experience of the eternal here and now.

  • What if we shift our vantage point past right vs wrong, and notice what does or doesn't serve us in each moment?

  • What if each experience helps us identify what serves us, and we move forward choosing that?​

On Structure and Flow

  • Structure (containers and frameworks that allow for alignment and clarity),

       and Flow (the spontaneous, free movement of energy in the moment),

       working together allow for balance, health, and harmony.

  • Examples of Structure: Plans, maps, thoughts, boundaries, support.

  • Examples of Flow: Allowing what which spontaneously arises, accepting without understanding, feeling rather than suppressing emotions or sensations, trusting that which moves through and allowing it to move through, being in aligned creativity with the ever-changing eternal present.


On Understanding 3D Space-Time and Beyond

  • Everything exists – there is nothing that you could imagine that does not exist. What matters is whether it is relevant for what you are here to experience.

  • Time, space and the 5 senses are qualities of 3-dimensional reality, one of the realities we currently have access to.

  • Empirical experiments that use the five senses and physicality as tools will yield results within the layers of reality in which the five senses and physicality reside, and will not yield any information beyond that.

  • Those who wish to access concurrent aspects of reality can do so via other tools inherent to our nature but often overshadowed by enculturation and fear, and too “soft” for science, which was made in and for 3D reality.

  • Trust, intuition, and allowing are some of our best tools in this quest. If fear arises, love is the best remedy.


Every practice has foundational principles. Here are those behind Curious Glow: