New York, NY 10016

Tel:  (917) 426-1591

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Reiki 1 Training & Attunement

Learn Reiki 1 from a Reiki Master, and go home doing Reiki on yourself and others.

By the end of class you will be doing Reiki!

*Upon class ticket purchase you also receive a free voucher for one 30 min reiki session


What's Reiki?

Life force energy, healing energy, energy naturally available to you and all of us, to bring well-being, balance, and healing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and energetic.


Learn to channel this life force energy through your hands.

Read more about What is Reiki here


In class we will cover:

  • The history of the Master Usui Reiki lineage

  • How Reiki compares to other types of energy healing

  • Self-care methods to stay grounded and centered

  • The basics about chakras and meridians

  • Meditation practices to complement your reiki work

  • Attunement so that you can officially practice reiki

You'll go home with:

  • A certification of Reiki 1 training

  • Some fun hand-outs about the human energy field 

  • A list of resources to continue your holistic path


Come and bring a friend - it's always fun to embark upon this journey in community.

Saturday October 27

10am - 6pm

New York, NY


Email to sign up for details.