New York, NY 10016

Tel:  (917) 426-1591

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Session Details

Client Profiles


Olivia's client base is a diverse collection of demographics, ranging from 7 years old to 71 years old, from a variety of countries and professions.


She conducts sessions primarily in English but has also worked with clients in in Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian.


Most clients who work with Olivia self-identify as psychologically healthy, and come to receive sessions as a way to explore life's big questions and spiritual mysteries, to deepen their awareness of themselves and others, and to bring forth their true gifts, flourishing relationships, and self-empowerment. This work is not a replacement for a therapist (if your goal is to focus on a specific diagnosis or receive focused care for deep trauma) nor is it a replacement for a western doctor (if you require care for a physical illness), but it can be fantastic in conjunction, providing, in those cases, a holistic complement to the other care you are receiving.


Please explore the descriptions for the Energy Healing sessions and the Life Coaching sessions.

If you would like a mix of both in your session(s) - a Holistic Healing Session - just ask.